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"her perseverance and confidence is worth appreciating"

This is to certify that Mrs. Nishi Agarwal is associated with us from 1st of Jan'04 till date [2009] as a Part-time English Faculty training CAT Aspirants. Her perseverance and confidence is worth appreciating
-Sunil Adlakha, (Center Manager, IMS, Allahabad)

"thanks to Nishi, I was accepted at top colleges in the USA"

Nishi expertly edited my university statement of purpose. I was very impressed by her flawless command of the English language, her collaborative and engaging mentorship style, and by the professional edits she provided to significantly improve my SOP. Thanks to Nishi, I was accepted at UC Berkeley and other top colleges in USA. I strongly recommend her English tuition and SOP editing services.
-Vrinda Agarwal (B.A. UC Berkeley 2015; M.B.A. Harvard 2022)
This is to certify that Mrs. Nishi Agarwal was associated with our institution as senior consultant since April 2002 to April 2004. Her job responsibilities include providing guidance to the students, designing and conducting personality development programs and improving the communication skills of the students. Her contribution during the period had been highly effective and exemplary.
-Subhash Srivastava (Director, Parivartan Personality Development and Career Guidance Centre)

"her contribution was highly effective and exemplary" 


  • B.A. with English Literature

  • M.B.A. with specialization in Marketing from Motilal Nehru Institute of Business Administration, University of Allahabad


Work Experience
  • Translations for History Channel, Cartoon Network, and for All India Radio

  • Significant experience editing essays, Statements of Purposes for successful applications to Universities in USA, and for articles and speeches for a global NGO

  • Expert writer of poems, stories, and articles for newspapers and for All India Radio, Allahabad

  • Taught English for several years in an Institute that prepares students for MBA entrance exams

  • Strong leadership experience - President of Allahabad Ladies Club, Secretary of Ekal Prayag chapter

About Nishi


37 Kutchery Road,

Katra, Prayag Raj, Uttar Pradesh

Tel: 9336 49 7775



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Spring is in the Air! (Published in NIP in May 2010)

Winter this year was a bone-chilling, life-wringing torturer. For days together, the grey mists came in suddenly, as if at an invisible cue, rolling and swirling. After snuffing out the weakly burning winter sun, they reveled, like a mob of wanton children, in smudging out all the clear lines of the landscape. Smothered in a blanket of grey, life wilted all around and spirits took a nosedive.

And so when the first zephyr, harbinger of spring, blew in, dispelling the icy cold, it seemed like a collective sigh of relief from all of creation. Life began to reaffirm itself , shaking off the memory of the bygone dreariness.

Now, as I look around , I can see spring’s light feet pattering into every nook and cranny it can find. Leaves and petals that had shied from the cold steely gaze of winter have now begun to unfurl and smile up at the benevolent sun. Colors that had become subdued have suddenly struck bright and strident chords. Gardens are ablaze with the fires of life. The sap is rising in the trees. The citrus trees in full flower are spilling their maddeningly delectable smells into the cool air of dawn and dusk. The mango tree wears a fluffy white veil of blooms that screens off its green foliage. The silk cotton tree decked out in dramatic crimson looks like a siren, attracting the black evil of ravens to gorge on it.

Spring fever is on the rampage, leaving not a single creature untouched. It appears as though nature has declared a ban on singlehood. The female lizard has begun to sashay its tail in indescribable elegance. Besotted by the seduction, the male, otherwise a picture of stillness, bursts into uncharacteristic frenzy. The pigeons which breakfast among the scattered grain in our yard, forget their food, and prance around the female in tantalizing dance. From the regal eagle on the treetop to the tiny sparrow closer to the ground, they are all gripped by the urgency to procreate.

Of all the creatures affected by spring, it is the mongoose that seems to have gone completely berserk. Chirruping and squeaking like a bird, its single-minded and indefatigable pursuit of the female from sunrise to sunset is quite amazing. In this process that may stretch out to a fortnight, it fights off contenders with deadly aggression, and is quite oblivious to small hazards such as the approach of an intimidating homo sapiens.

As part of the entity called nature, is it then possible that this specie of the homo sapiens be left unaffected by spring? With the stowing away of heavy quilts and cumbersome woolens, a sense of physical lightness takes hold of us. Instead of guarding ourselves against the cold assault with protective layers, we now embrace the elements with open, exposed arms. The blood starts singing in our veins. Our step becomes buoyant. We drink in with all our senses of sight, sound and smell the elixir of spring.

Of all the days in the year, spring is definitely the high water mark of the river of life!

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